Unitary municipal transport company
“Vitebsk Tramway and Trolleybus administration”
     “Vitebsk Tramway and Trolleybus” (if short – abbr. - VTTU) is a unitary municipal transport company. All property of the Vitebsk Tramway and Trolleybus is in municipal ownership. Right of possession, right of use and right of administration of property belong to the Vitebsk city executive committee but the Vitebsk Tramway and Trolleybushas has a right of economic management by all property. 
     The Vitebsk Tramway and Trolleybus carries out its activity according to the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, Decrees, Decrees of the President of the Republic of Belarus, the Governmental orders of the Republic, orders and decisions of the Ministry of transport and communications of the Republic of Belarus, decisions and orders of  the Vitebsk municipal administration and city Councils of deputies, according to the company rules and other standard documents.
     The company is the legal body. It has the separate property, independent balance, bears responsibility for its obligations with all property it has. The company can accrue and exercise property interests and private non-property interests, can appear as a plaintiff and a defendant, act in the court and arbitration on their own behalf. The Vitebsk Tramway and Trolleybus has settlement and other bank accounts, company seal and stamps.   
      The legal address:
      Vitebsk, S.Pankovoj street, 1
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