Vitebsk Tram Museum
   On the factory trade-union committee’s initiative, the Vitebsk tram museum was created in 1966. The main creator and the director of the museum, honorary, was Leonid Zabello. Among the members of the Vitebsk tram museum were the route supervisor V. Orlov, the pensioner N. Lipski, the turner S. Sakovich, the electrician V. Shashkov. The Vitebsk tram museum has a large quantity of information about more than 100 years of the Vitebsk tramway development. The photographs, pictures, original documents, breadboards,  models, diagrams are widely presented in the museum. 
     The museum consists of five divisions.
The first division represents the period from the beginning of the Vitebsk tramway formation to the October revolution -  1896–1918 years.    
    The period covers origin and further development of the urban electrical transport in Russia, the beginning of foundation, building and launch of tramway in Vitebsk, labour conditions of the Vitebsk tramway workers during pre-revolutionary time, their taking part in revolution events of 1905 and  the Vitebsk tram functioning during the period of the First World War and October bolshevist revolution.   
    The second division of the museum covers period from 1918 to 1941.  The day-to-day activities of the Vitebsk tramway workers, total reconstruction of the tramway, its evolution and functioning to the start of the Second World War are displayed in the period. 
    The third division of the museum covers the period of the Second World War.
    The forth division covers revival of the Vitebsk tramway from ruins and ashes after the Second World War and its development after the war.  
    The fifth division covers the Vitebsk tramway evolution during the period of 1970-2008.
   A lot of visitors have been to the museum, as from Vitebsk and the other cities of Belarus, so from the foreign countries.  Mass media also don’t disregard the Vitebsk tramway museum.  As the local so the central newspapers paid their attention to the museum.
      In 2002, 18th of June, in accordance with the resolution of collegium of Administration of Culture of the Vitebsk regional executive committee, the Vitebsk tram and trolleybus museum was given the rank of “People's museum”. In 2010, 13th of December, in accordance with the resolution N 149 of the collegium of Ministry of culture of the Republic of Belarus, the Vitebsk tramway museum was confirmed the rank of “People's museum”.
      At the present time the Vitebsk tramway and trolleybus company is carrying out collection, updating and supplementing the museum funds. For this purpose the company is in contact with the National historical archive of Belarus, the National archive of photoand film documentaries, the Vitebsk regional archive and the regional library. The contacts have been also established with the Historical archive of Moscow and St.-Petersburg, the National library of Russia in St.-Petersburg and the Russian State Libraryin Moscow.  
      On the range of questions, concerning the supplementing the museum funds, the Vitebsk tramway and trolleybus cooperates with its colleagues - the transport operators from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.  The enterprise searches for the ways for establishing communication with the foreign companies from Germany, Belgium, Austria and France. 
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