Historical Chronology
Key Events in the History of the Company
- November 15, 1895 – Possibilities of horse railway development begin to be discussed in Vitebsk municipal Duma.
- February 4, 1896 – The contract for electrical railway development in Vitebsk was signed between the Vitebsk town council and businessman F. Guillon.
- April 25, 1896 - Joint-stock company “Vitebsk Tramways” was founded.
- February 1, 1897 – The Vitebsk municipal public administration examined electrical railway development project, submitted for consideration to the commission by the engineer Radzunski, a representative of F. Guillon.  
- May 20, 1897 – The permission for power station building was obtained.
- September 11, 1897 - F. Guillon handed over the concession to build and operate the tramway in Vitebsk to the joint-stock company “Vitebsk Tramways”.
- June 18, 1898 – The first electrical tramway in Vitebsk was opened in solemn atmosphere.  - September 14, 1898 – The agreement concerning the electrical lighting of the Vitebsk city theatre was signed.
- September, 1899 – The additional agreement concerning the electrical lighting of the town was signed.
- January 19, 1901 – Technical and building committee of Ministry of Internal Affairs passed the positive decision to expand the Vitebsk tramway network.
- December 18, 1911 – Lazar Izrailevich Vishnyak, who was the accountable agent of the joint-stock company “Vitebsk Tramways” in Vitebsk, was appointed director of the Vitebsk tramway.
- December 15, 1917 – The joint-stock company “Vitebsk Tramways” board of management sent the official letter of shutdown of the company to the Vitebsk municipal Duma.
- June 24, 1919 – The engineer Fedor Lukich Shklodin was appointed manager of Vitebsk municipal tramway.
- May 15, 1922 – The utilities system named “Vodosvet” was established under the Vitebsk district executive committee. This municipal enterprise included such businesses as the Vitebsk Tramway together with the central power station, the water-pumping station, the urban water supply, the sewerage system, and the timber mill.
- November 25, 1925 – The Vitebsk district executive committee passed a resolution on organizing the communal trust, the parts of which were 21 enterprises of Vitebsk city and also all the Vodosvet divisions.
- 1928 – The first modernization of the tramcars was performed in the Vitebsk tramway.  Open platforms of the old Belgian tram cars were glazed and driver's seats were put in driver’s cabs, also pilot light was installed.
- 1930 – The tramways were fitted with doors what allowed to arrange going in and going out of passengers.
- 1934 – Four Russian tram cars “Series H” were delivered to Vitebsk for the first time.
- July 11, 1941 – Operating of the Vitebsk tramway was stopped.   
- August 1, 1944 – Executive committee of municipal council of deputies passed the decision to recommence the Vitebsk tramway operating.   
- January 11, 1946 The municipal council of deputies passed another decision. In accordance with the document the city executive committee management must take the reconstruction process of the Vitebsk tramway over the personal control.
- July 17, 1947 – The first test run of  tramways after a full restoration.
- October 5, 1948 – In solemn atmosphere tramway traffic was opened in Vitebsk again. This event marked the second birth of the Vitebsk tramway.
- 1948 The Vitebsk tramway received 20 tramcars from their Moscow colleagues.
- June, 1948 The 50th anniversary of the Vitebsk tramway. This period was significant by the first delivery of the first batch of all-metal tram cars KTM-1 and KTP-1, manufactured by The Ust-Katav Wagon-Building Plant named after Kirov.
- 1961 – The Vitebsk tramway received new tramcars KTM-2 and KTP-2 equipped with radio communication and  rubber-cushioned wheels.
- September 1, 1965 – Passenger servicing without conductors was introduced in Vitebsk, at the beginning, in motor rail cars, and then, in 1967 – in attachable rail cars.
- November 20, 1966 – The first exposition of the Vitebsk tramway museum was opened.
- November 16, 1972 – Service payment system without a cash-register was introduced into public electrical transport in Vitebsk.
 - July 27, 1972 – Technical meeting concerning trolleybus network construction took place this month.
- 1976 – Trolleybus network construction was started in Vitebsk.   
- 1977 – The first trolley buses were delivered.
- April 1, 1978 The Trolleybus direction was established under the department of the municipal services of the city executive committee.
- September 20, 1979 The Vitebsk tramway and the Vitebsk trolleybus management were merged into Vitebsk Tramway and Trolleybus administration which was subordinated to the department of the municipal services of the cityexecutive committee.
- 1995 – The beginning of collaboration between the Vitebsk tramway and Trolleybus Company and the Byelorussian manufacturer “BELCOMMUNMASH”.
- June 18, 1998 – Grand celebrating of 100th anniversary of the Vitebsk tramway took place in Vitebsk.
- December – January, 1990-1991 – 20 tram cars of a KTM-5M3 type, manufactured by the Ust-Katav Wagon-Building Plant named after Kirov, were delivered to the town of Vitebsk.
- 2003 – The Vitebsk tramway and trolleybus company celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Trolleybus network launch and the 105th anniversary of the Vitebsk tramway. By that period more then 5 billions passengers have been carried by public electrical transport in the town of Vitebsk.
- 2008 – Start of trolleybus fleet replacement: the old machines are replaced with the new modern trolleybuses, manufactured by OS “BELCOMMUNMASH”.
- 2011 – Starting of tramway rolling stock replacement with the new trams manufactured by “BELCOMMUNMASH”. In accordance with agreement between the enterprise and OS “BELCOMMUNMASH”, 20 new tram cars of AKSM 62103 type will be delivered to Vitebsk.
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